Thursday, March 27, 2008

Classic Restoration Project Vehicles For Sale on eBay!

We have added a couple of vehicles that would be absolute choice classic car/truck restoration projects to eBay auctions... a 1950 Chevrolet 4100 split-windshield dump truck capable of hauling over 5 tons, and a 1969 Ford Thunderbird with a 429 Thunder Jet engine and a Positrack 9 inch rear end!

Both vehicles can be seen at the shop and are available online for bidding at eBay.

Or click on the photos of either classic to see its eBay listing:

1950 Chevrolet 4100 split-windshield 5.5 ton gravel dump truck with turn signal accessory kit and floor start pedal switch. I (Doug, the webmaster) was actually hoping to nab this for myself, but the owner has decided to put it up for auction. The cab body, doors, fenders, grill and front bumber assembly all seems to be in very good shape with only minor dents to bang out. Unfortunately, there is no title, though we might be able to get one as it had been abandoned for over 3 years.

1969 Ford Thunderbird with a 429 Thunder Jet engine and PosiTrack 9 inch rear end. This classic coupe is a rare find with what I view as considerably straight body lines. Most of the chrome trim appears to be there, including some of the more rare chrome trim parts. Although there is some rust, I honestly think that it is minimal for such a find. The trunk floor seems to be rotted out, but the rest of the body parts look restorable with a little muss and fuss. Plus, it has a clean title. It even starts (although we have no key), runs, drives and stops!

Looking For A Good Home...
Hopefully, these units will find a good home. We could have parted them out ourselves, but we are hopeful that someone will want to invest the time and money required in making them real show-stoppers, again. However, we have no restrictions on thier sale, as we know there are many Ford racers who might want that 429 Thunder Jet engine and 9 inch rear end, as well.

Other Vehicles For Sale:
Syd's Eastside Auto Parts always has a selection of used vehicles listed for sale online in the Used Cars & Trucks For Sale section of the website, if you aren't interested in investing a ton of money and time to restore an older classic car or truck, but would like to find a good running vehicle.

UPDATE (April 4th, 2008):
Although neither vehicle sold last week, there was quite a bit of interest in both of them. We might be selling the Thunderbird to a private party soon, and we are looking into getting a title for the abandoned Chevrolet 4100 dump truck.

Thanks to all who expressed an interest in these vehicles or even just checked them out!

-Syd's Eastside