Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SydsEastside Now Sharing Photos at

Syd's Eastside has joined up with flickr and setup a small photo stream sharing resource at

Since the practice of showing off our used cars and trucks catalog online requires that we take some photographs of the vehicles, we have decided that instead of Copyrighting these photos and then keeping them all to ourselves, we will share them with the world. At first we were looking for our own web application to do this from one of our own websites, but preliminary trials on some of the applications available showed that most of the freeware and registered shareware open source software applications that are supposed to perform these duties are purely incapable of doing so. Almost every application we installed failed miserably (even the registered shareware we paid for a license for).

In our hunt for a manageable online photo album application, we found, and so far it is offering us the most reliability. However, we are continuing to investigate other possible web application solutions that we can host ourselves so that we can utilize our photography to more fully promote our brands.

Although we are currently only just getting started at flickr, which is currently a Yahoo! property, I think I was able to upload a nice little assortment of cars that we have had listed for sale in our Used Autos: Cars & Trucks For Sale section of the website.

While we are still looking for a more configurable solution that we can control more fully as a web application on one of our online properties, it certainly is good to have this option available from flickr. Unfortunately, also stifles its user creativity by limiting its membership to only 3 sets (albums) of photos each. This drastically limits the free membership's ability to categorize photos accurately. I suppose they have to do something to get members to the paid membership program, though.

I'm not sure if it will work here, but one nice feature of flickr is the ability to easily create a slideshow of your photos that you can share from your other websites. Let's see if Google will support it...

It appears to work, although I am seeing an error from the Adobe FlashPlayer 9. Perhaps there is some incompatibility issues here on the Blogger pages? For now, I'll just leave it up. If anyone has a fix for this, be sure to let me know, I would appreciate it. If the error gets too anoying I'll just put it on some other page and point a link on the blog to where I put it. ;)


-Syd's Eastside