Friday, February 23, 2007

New Featured Parts & Products Showcase

Welcome Back to the Autos and Automotive Blog!

We have been testing and are now putting the final touches on a new Featured Parts & Products Showcase section at Syd's Eastside Auto Parts. We are happy to announce that it is now available and working. All online transactions are secured with 128 bit encryption and are safe (as usual for e-commerce at Syd's Eastside Auto Parts).

We will be adding many automotive parts and products to this new section over the next coming weeks. Here, we will be able to feature new auto parts and products, as well as showcase old auto parts.

Currently, the showcase is featuring a steering wheel from a 1949 Pontiac, and another from a 1952 Mercury.

1949 Pontiac Steering Wheel1949 Pontiac Steering Wheel

1952 Mercury Steering Wheel1952 Mercury Steering Wheel

Syd's Eastside Auto Parts will use this section to showcase such older products as well as to expand our reach and offer new auto parts and automotive products.

Syd's Eastside Auto Parts Search remains an important and functional focus for the website, where our customers can search virtually our entire inventory. But the Featured Parts & Products Showcase allows us to offer parts and products that you might not expect to find at an auto parts and salvage yard.

We hope our customers will enjoy the new service and that it may attract new customers.

Syd's Eastside Auto Parts
Featured Parts & Products Showcase

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Automotive Groups at Google Groups

Syd's Eastside Auto is proud to announce that it has started two new groups at Google Groups:

Autos & Automotive
An automotive and motorsports group for discussing all things automotive related. Topics may include autos, automotive mechanics, auto shows, automobile racing, automotive parts, salvage, classic cars, collector cars & more. Pickup trucks, tractor trailer trucks and motorcycling are also allowed. New members must be invited, although non-members may request membership. Each membership request must include a personal response so that we know that they aren't a spam bot collecting email addresses from such group mailing lists.

Hunt for or offer automotive parts. Anyone may join to find or sell auto parts. All posts offering auto parts must include whether it is a used, rebuilt or new auto part. New parts should further indicate whether they are OEM, aftermarket or high performance parts. This group offers a unique opportunity for entreprenuers, salvage yards, parts shops, auto parts search pools and other automotive industry products. We welcome new aftermarket automotive and high performance auto parts sellers from drop shippers and wholesalers. Discuss the business or advertise your goods. Anyone may view the posts, but membership is required to post. New members must be invited, although non-members may request membership. Each membership request must include a personal response so that we know that they aren't a spam bot collecting email addresses from such group mailing lists.

Whether you are an automotive industry professional or just an automobile enthusiast, you will probably want to join the first group, which is more of a general subject group for anything automotive or motorsports related.

The second group is intended to offer a format for parts searches and querries, as well as offer a format from which automotive professionals can offer automotive parts, products and supplies.

We certainly encourage those of you who wish to join to do so. We are asking for a personal response from all new members in order to keep spam bots and spammers out of the group. We get enough spam as it is, I imagine you do to, as spam has alarmingly become a significant problem for anyone who conducts business on the internet.

-Syd's Eastside Auto Parts, Used Cars, Used Trucks & Rebuilders

New WebRing: "Automotive" - Seeking New Automotive and Motorsports Membership Sites

Syd's Eastside Auto Parts is happy to announce a new WebRing.

Automotive WebRing

Syd's Eastside Auto Parts, Used Cars & Rebuilders sponsors the Automotive SEARCH Network, which will also serve as the initial starting site for the new Automotive WebRing. The Automotive WebRing Hub is an official webring.

As we have previously announced, Automotive SEARCH is a selective search engine for automotive and motorsports related resources. More information about this new search facility is available in a couple of our previous posts, Automotive Search and Automotove Search Homepage.

Syd's Eastside Auto Parts is also a member of the webring, of course. Funny thing is, another member joined before actually getting the webring code implemented on that site and so the sponsor's site is the third on the list in their own webring. LOL!

But we are happy to have any and all family friendly automotive and/or motorsports related websites join our webring. The more membership we have, the better of a webring community it will be. The better the webring will be, the better the Automotive SEARCH Network will be, as well.

Automotive WebRing