Thursday, December 07, 2006

Automotive Search Homepage

Automotive Search
The Automotive SEARCH Network now has its own homepage at, where else, AutomotiveSEARCH.Net.

As announced previously, the
Automotive SEARCH is a custom cooperative search facility powered by Google which is dedicated to offering search results only from an authorized list of automotive or motorsports related websites and directory categories.

Finally, we can use the results we get from
Google, instead of having to search through the confusion of automated programs and utilities that are trying to reign in the "auto" keyword.

Finally, we can offer quality results and skip the spam, as we are using an exclusive list of quality automotive related websites to pull our results from.

Try it at:

And be sure to sign-up as an editor at our Google Homepage if you have a quality automotive or motorsports related web resource. Note that we will not be accepting any MFA (Made-For-Advertising) websites that simply pass traffic and scrape off PPC monies for the webmaster. We are looking for original content
and quality resources.

Automotive SEARCH

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