Thursday, May 31, 2007

Announcing Aftermarket CAT

As Syd's Eastside Auto Parts has extended its product offerings and customer base with the addition of a superior line of new IDP engineered aftermarket engine part products for Caterpillar diesel and natural gas engines, we are proud to announce that Aftermarket Cat is now online.

Aftermarket Cat is much more than a new website in the Syd's Eastside portfolio, it represents a brand dedicated to assisting CAT owners and mechanics by allowing them to save money on quality premium aftermarket IDP engineered CAT motor parts.

Aftermarket Cat represents our commitment to the IDP line of superior performance Caterpillar aftermarket engine components which offer no sacrifice to reliability.

Even though the website is young, we encourage you to visit. If you have any comments or critiques of the website, we would love to hear it. Or if you would like to suggest something that we haven't covered, we appreciate all feedback. Please feel free to write a comment on this post, even if it is just to say "Hi".

Thanks for visiting, and for reading our blog. We hope that you have a great day and perhaps we will hear from you in the future!

-Syd's Eastside

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