Wednesday, August 08, 2007 Replaces is No Longer a Syd's Eastside Property
Caterpillar, Inc. has won the rights to the domain name in arbitration. Although we tried to rectify our situation when Caterpillar, Inc. took issue with our using the domain name to sell aftermarket CAT parts by moving the website to another domain,, and placing a generic web page there in the old website's place which directed visitors to both of our websites, the assigned arbitrator felt that our first mistake of offering CAT replacement marks was enough to show "bad faith" in the use of the CAT trademark.

While we would have rectified this situation easily and even more quickly if CAT simply would have called us to explain their situation, we do hope that by notifying visitors to the site that operations have moved to, that we may well have allowed potential customers the ability to stay with us as a new solution for CAT aftermarket parts. To this end, we remain committed to the aftermarket parts market for the heavy equipment industry, and we have in fact just been awarded the dealership and distributorship rights for Interstate-McBee parts. An official announcement that we are now carrying and distributing the Interstate-McBee line of industrial equipment engine and fuel injection replacement parts will soon follow. The addition of the Interstate-McBee line of aftermarket parts is a perfect compliment to our current line of IPD aftermarket parts for Caterpillar engines.

While we would have been happy to keep and use it as an aftermarket catalog for our automotive parts line, we will find another brand to build and present an automotive aftermarket parts sales brand, and Diesel Rebuild Parts seems to be doing well and generating lots of interest considering that we have not yet had the opportunity to promote well while we awaited the decision of the arbitration procedure.

Soon, the original registrar for, Domain Hostmaster, will transfer this name to Caterpillar, Inc., for them to do what they see fit.

Caterpillar and CAT are registered trademarks of Caterpillar, Inc.
is a trademark of IPD, LLC.
Interstate-McBee is an intellectual property mark of Interstate-McBee, LLC.
Syd's Eastside
is an intellectual property mark of Syd's Eastside Auto Salvage, Inc.

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