Thursday, March 15, 2007

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Link Building and Sinister Link Exchanges

I wrote an article about linking and the way sinister link exchanges profit from those who do not understand link building correctly.

The article is available at:

I think it is a pretty good article, myself. I really haven't seen another article like it. Though it is pretty much based on common sense, some may not be as well educated on the subject of Link Building, so that they can't make the connections concerning sinister linking techniques. Hopefully, this article lays everything out so that it is more easily understood.

A slight warning... this isn't a mini article that can be devoured in a few minutes, this is intended as a serious article that is written to help any webmaster, including beginners. If it misses that mark, tell me. I am anxious to hear how I might improve it.

Although this article is not directly automotive related, I know of many small business automotive shops starting or struggling to get their business online. This is intended to assist businesses (from any industry) with some great pointers along those lines.

-Doug (at work)