Friday, March 23, 2007

Heavy Construction & Machinery

Used Heavy Equipment and Machinery; Construction, Utility and Landscaping Vehicles

We have established a new section on our website dedicated to Heavy Equipment & Machinery listings. The listings include many trucks as well as heavy machinery (such as 2 fifth wheel equipped semi-trucks or a crane).

There are construction vehicles such as an Eric truck crane, road service trucks such as an Oshkosh snow plow, utility trucks such as three white 1988 Chevrolet utility trucks, and landscaping truck, such as a 66 inch tree spade truck.

Thumbnail Samples of the Equipment/Machinery Listings you will Find:
Three White 1988 Chevrolet Utility Trucks48 Foot Container Trailer
Austin-Western CraneFord Crew Cab Platform Lift Utility Truck
1979 OshKosh Snow Plow Truck and Dump TruckExcavator Bucket
Gehl Forklift on 20 Ton TrailerGrapple Bucket
The owners of Syd's Eastside Auto Salvage, Inc., and Feimer Construction Company, Inc., are selling this heavy equipment, machinery and construction vehicles on behalf of Fejfar Construction & Equipment.

Currently, we are concentrating on getting photographs of this heavy equipment and machinery online so that interested parties can view the equipment, machinery and vehicles easily. The above thumbnails are merely a small sampling of what is available at the website. As of this writing, there are twenty-one listings, and we still have more photos to take and put online.

Later, we will add more detailed textual descriptions for the listings and then start listing them in on/off-line industry publications and other construction sales oriented websites.

We hope that you may find something that may be of interest to you. If you need more information, please contact us. We would be happy to take more and better photos of any of the heavy equipment, machinery or vehicles that you may be interested in. We are available online through our Contact Form, or you may call us at 1-605-665-5119 or 1-800-505-5119.

Heavy Equipment & Machinery

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diggerplaet said...

We also have established a new section on our website now we use 16 different languages to bring our construction heavy machinery to our customer around the world. We trading with Excavator Komatsu Dumper Volvo a track carrier Yanmar and tunneling machinery from ITC