Saturday, November 08, 2008

New Used Equipment Section now Online at Diesel Rebuild Parts

I have finally finished putting all the Used Equipment online at our Diesel Rebuild Parts website. This has been a big chore and I am very happy to have it listed in my Mission Accomplished column, now.

If you are interested in any of the heavy equipment, utility trucks or construction vehicles there, we would be glad to help you out with it. Just click on a photo (that isn't marked as sold) in the main Equipment Catalog Index page and you will be presented with more photos and info concerning that item. Our contact information follows the detail page description.

Let me know if you see any spelling errors, or anything that looks strange. I did address a few problems before making that whole section public. But as you know, I'm not perfect.

This section actually comes from a corresponding section on the Syd's Eastside Auto Parts website. We thought that since establishing the Diesel Rebuild Parts website back in June of 2007, that we should move this section to that website where the information is more on-topic and relevant to the website content material, since it is already geared at supporting equipment and truck overhauls.

So, now that this has finally been accomplished, I can go back to promoting our websites as my primary webmaster duty for a little bit (until the next big website project comes along).

Used Equipment For Sale Catalog Index

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