Saturday, November 08, 2008

Twitter is a microblogging system where users can give shout-outs in 140 character chunks. Although I would honestly recommend allowing up to 255 per post myself (and am often ticked off that it isn't), it is an interesting concept that allows some interactivity between friends. Plus, there are a variety of tools for it that I haven't even explored, yet.

Despite its micro limited posting format, Twitter seems to be not only a decent way to communicate, but also to promote your business, your websites, your blog, your portfolio, your groups and even your causes.

In the long run, Twitter works. But I do think 140 characters is too tightly wound and someone else will probably come along and offer the same idea with a more generous 255 character limit. Perhaps someone already does, and I am yet to find it.

But Twitter has also embedded itself into the social networking scene because a few of the social websites actually display your latest Twitter posts within your public profile page (once you have set it up with your username on Twitter). The result is that by using this one service, you could potentially update several other websites, including your own.

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