Monday, November 10, 2008

What Syd's Eastside Dugg
If you are writing articles to promote your business, create awareness for your cause or to establish your own professional expertise, you will probably want to add Digg to your publishing resource toolbox.

Even if you are not an article writer, seems to have caught on because it allows users to list, promote & view each others news, images & videos found anywhere on the net. So it would also come in handy for photographers, graphic artists, videographers and podcasters, as well.

And being able to recommend not only your own works, but the stuff on the internet that you find and want to share with your friends is really what social networks are all about, anyway. And because of its broad range of coverage, Digg is easily a great tool that is intertwined as a news, photo, art and video promotion service by the online community as a whole.

See what Syd's Eastside has Dugg on Digg:

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