Saturday, November 08, 2008

On Facebook
Facebook is actually quite a lot more interesting than I thought it was. It also can act like a homepage for the not-so-geeky oriented who like an easy way to setup a homepage, much like Blogster or CarSpace, but it goes yet further by incorporating many of your other social networking services, too. Its easy to setup groups, as well. It's also easy to upload & share photos and video. Your default public profile page acts as a "wall" that you write on and you can easily communicate with your friends this way.

I suppose some may say that I had cheated, as I had put-up a profile to represent and promote my employer. The name RorK Feimer I used is actually derived from the owners of Syd's Eastside Auto Salvage, Ron & Kathy Feimer. And this may be so, but you have to remember that I am employed to promote the Syd's Eastside Auto Parts website, and not to promote my own websites and business interests. In the same manner, I still want a profile on Facebook that reflects me and my own interests, both personal and business related. On top of that, the business and my opinion may differ on a variety of things.

That said, if I am cheating, so are a great deal of other businesses which are doing the same thing on Facebook. All we are looking for is a profile that we can promote as an employee, while maintaing a separate personal profile for ourselves outside of work.

So, I'm actually not worried about it. Heck, this blog entry will appear on Facebook, anyway. Because Facebook is configured to post my blog entries that I post here on that site, as well. So by adding blog entries here, I am also updating Facebook.

Facebook also supports a variety of other social networking websites. Twitter is one, Digg is another. As these services are updated, so is Facebook.

The Syd's Eastside Auto Parts Page on Facebook:

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