Monday, November 10, 2008

Squidoo offers great Social Networking Site Integration and Easy Article (Lens) Publishing.

Squidoo offers a great place for those who are interested in articles on any particular subject. Squidoo actually refers to each article as a lens, and their writers as lensmasters. They claim they are doing it just to be difficult, but I gather it has something to do with good old fashioned marketing. It is interesting, though, how they are a popular social networking site without relying so heavily on generic keywords.

Although I found the article editor hard to use because of the lack of good instruction while using it the first time, after posting the lens (article) I easily was able to realize my first time mistakes and will probably get it right the next time. However, if you are using Squidoo to distribute previously written articles, it seems that it might be a little harder to use as simply another distribution outlet because you shouldn't simply copy the article and paste it in as on most article distribution websites such as one of our favorites, SearchWarp.

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